We first stumbled across megababe model Jarae Holieway on Instagram last year and it was one of those jaw dropping, take your breath away moments. SO MUCH EYE CANDY <3

Jarae's Instagram @blacmagic_woman is brimming with endless colourful outfits that ooze nostalgic 90s vibes which we are ALWAYS a fan of. Not only does she know how to slay every single photo, she is an incredibly talented stylist and artist. Jarae creates the most magical glitter art over her images and confetti Heli loved her work so much she recruited her to wave her glitter wand over a Sassy World lookbook last year which you can see here. You can also see more of Jarae's glitter graphics here.

To top it all off this beautiful wonderwoman radiates positivity and it's amazing to see all her success that she truly deserves! Get yourself over to Jarae's drool-worthy instagram for lots more inspo <3

Love Confettis xoxo

At Parker Day Exhibition

We all have down days. Sometimes I wonder how people are so happy, high spirited and energetic all the time - and then I realise I haven't left the house in a few days! Working from home definitely takes its toll, so i've decided to put together 10 tried and tested things i've tried that have made my day better. I hope these help even one person! 

by Lucy Rance.

I know everyone says it, and i'm the last person to be telling you to exercise as i'm the laziest bitch that ever lived, but it really is true - EXERCISE REALLY DOES MAKE YOU FEEL GOOD! I recently joined an 8 week fitness bootcamp where I was forced to work out. I realised that the thought of leaving the house and actually going to there made me really unhappy, but every time I was there with a big bunch of people all doing the same thing, I constantly had a smile on my face. What I have found out about myself is that I HATE the gym and I have no idea what i'm doing, but being in a group class is my thang! So much so that i've just joined a new gym purely for the unlimited classes it offers. I urge you to try out a fitness class (no weights or machines involved) and see if it makes you feel better. Everyone's in the same boat, you motivate each other and you make new friends. Win win!

Everybody loves to be complimented. Instead of "you look great", try getting deeper and compliment somebody on the energy they create, the good vibe they give off or a personality trait. What do you admire about that person?

They say money can't buy happiness, but if it can cheer you up when you're having a down day, go ahead treat yourself honey. Go get yourself some new make-up, buy yourself a cocktail, book a weekend away, buy that festival ticket! After working so hard you deserve it.

I always feel so much more put together when i've got fresh nails. Even if you just make some time to paint them yourself, you'll feel instantly sassier! Match your toenails to your hands for extra spice.

I know it sounds kind of shallow, but it works for me. Every time i'm slobbing around the house with no make-up on, baggy clothes on, all pale & ratty haired, I feel down. I know the things that make me look better and that's: curling my hair, putting on some tan, slapping on some make-up. I'm in no way way saying that you should do this every day to feel good but it really does help when you're having an off day. Starting the day with positive thoughts will always lead to a productive, feel good day!

When I was younger I was notorious for sleeping in my make-up. It's only now that i'm 24 that I realise I really do need to take better care of my skin. Having a nightly routine of removing and properly cleansing my skin always makes me wake up happier and more fresh-faced.

Do something selfless for somebody. Whether it a family member, your other half, a friend or a stranger. Seeing other people smile due of your kindness will set you up for good karma in return. Try doing one good deed a day and see how it makes you feel - whether it's doing the food shopping for your mum, making breakfast in bed for your bae, or turning up to meet a friend with a silly little gift.

Do something you really enjoy. Don't worry about what anyone else thinks. Live your life to the fullest - it doesn't matter if it's seen as wasted time,  spend your time doing the things that make you the happiest. Do some gardening, borrow someone's dog for the day, binge watch a new series, make homemade candles, fill in a colouring book.

I'm useless at finishing books, but when I do, I feel such a sense of accomplishment. What i've found so much easier is using Audible - you can listen to a whole book in a day whilst cleaning the house, going for a run, working out at the gym, doing the food shopping. It will widen your vocabulary, teach you things and broaden your mind.

We all know it's hard. Remember that people only put out on social media what they want you to see, the best portrayal of their life. Rarely will someone post the sad days, the down time. Most people online aren't all they're cracked up to be - remember that!