Yesterday we had the opportunity to get our spandex on and get our boogie on with Light & Free at their magic morning rave workout class! When our alarms went off that morning we couldn't think of anything we'd less rather do than go for a morning rave, but it turned out to be one of the most fun events we've ever been to!

We're no gym freaks so this is all new to us, we never realised how fresh and revived we'd feel after a morning dance party. Before we started the magic morning rave we sipped on delicious healthy juices and had our glitter done. Ain't no party without a bit of glitter! The rave was led by this super sassy dance instructor who taught us a funky little dance routine, it wasn't very strenuous but by the end of it we were all sweating! Heli even said she ached the day after!
It was based on the middle of Old Street's magic roundabout which made it even cooler - we had no idea that place even existed.

Afterwards we got to blend smoothies powered by bikes (saving the world and all that!), eat a super duper healthy brunch (including their new yoghurts which are YUM btw) and we got massages from the Massage Angels which was so relaxing after our dancing. Such an amazing way to start the morning and feel motivated, we had smiles on our faces the whole way through.
We wish we could start every morning like that! Thanks for a super fun day Light and Free!