We are pretty girl obsessed. Gone are the days of putting posters of topless male singers all over our walls - this gang is all about celebrating our fellow QUEENS! So we've decided to start a blog series for Woman Crush Wednesday to share our favourite creatives, influencers and girl bosses.

This week we are featuring one of our all time faves we love to Insta-stalk, Tilly Baker.

Aussie babe, rainbow queen and all round promoter of positivity, we just adore this lady's unapologetic colourful style. There's no denying that if she lived in the UK she'd be our 5th Confetti member for sure! (pls move here Tilly.)

Her rainbow outfits are everything that dreams are made of, and her positive, creative, non-judgemental attitude to everyone and everything are inspiring! She pulls off the rainbow style so effortlessly and we LOVE her for it.

We hope we get to meet her one day! Make sure you follow Tilly on Instagram.


Love Confetti's xoxo